Adam Luke

Best albums of 2013 (really late and not worth the wait)

  1. Arcade Fire – Reflektor
  2. Daft Punk – Random Access Memories
  3. The Flaming Lips – The Terror
  4. Franz Ferdinand – Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action

Just taking a video

I came across this video (there’s also a part one and part two). A pretty courageous guy, Surveillance Camera Man, is “just taking a video” of random people in public. It seems creepy and harass-y, but it’s also somehow entertaining. Watching the array of reactions is just compelling.

It raises an interesting point, though. At any time of the day, we could have multiple cameras watching us, so why get so offended about one more? Well, maybe because it’s going to end up on YouTube, but they don’t know that. I usually shy away from video cameras and I definitely wouldn’t want a stranger filming me on the street. But still, I’m obviously filmed in public by CCTV cameras all the time, and I don’t give it a second (or first!) thought. Maybe we don’t mind being filmed in that way because we don’t expect anybody to be watching or paying attention to the footage. Or maybe we think it’s fine because it’s under the guise of “security”. I don’t know how much public security cameras actually enhance security, though. But that’s probably a different topic.

I was reminded of so many cringeworthy things while typing this post

well, my day was going ok, but then i remembered something stupid i said when i was 14

This comic showed up in my feed reader recently. It’s brief, but it holds so much meaning for me! And I know a lot of people can relate. Sometimes it’s just unfortunately hard to forget about all the dumb shit you’ve said and done in your life. And when, for some reason, it gets dragged into your short-term memory, you hate yourself and everything else for that brief moment, grimacing and cursing under your breath (semi-involuntarily!). You know it’s irrational hang onto crappy moments from the past so much, because probably no-one else remembers them so vividly as you, and they’re even less likely to care.

But I can’t help ruminating ok. Nedroid depicts this situation amusingly¬† too.

Then again, I just don’t understand the concept of being offended by words (in this context)

You know AMC, right? They air Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead.

Well anyway, here’s a screencap from the most recent episode of Breaking Bad:

piece of paper that has a pixellated version of the words fuck you

I think I smirked when I saw it. I was thinking, that’s right, the same show that depicts cooking meth, taking heroin, killing children, and melting dead bodies in acid, has to pixelate Bad Words. From what I can tell, the show being on cable and all, this swearing ban is imposed by AMC itself rather than the FCC or whoever. It’s just interesting that swearing is considered worse than everything on the list I just presented to you! Especially considering that the violence and drug themes are more graphic than what you’d see on network television.

Of course, I’d rather have some parts censored than write characters to talk the way they wouldn’t in Real Life. I guess it’s more credible. Fuck-bombs are occasionally in the Breaking Bad script, but muted in the airing. But it’s just like, I’m pretty sure people who are okay with the content of Breaking Bad are also okay with a bit of casual swearing now and again. AMC, are you really going to lose advertisers if you don’t censor? I wonder…

Showing someone’s throat get cut with a box cutter? “YEAH MAN GOGOGOGO”. Swearing? “NO WAY ARE YOU KIDDING ME???” Classic.